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Average cost of car insurance in New Jersey (quotes, requirements, rates)

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Many people ask, what is the average cost of car insurance in New Jersey and surrounding areas (cities). Set an average price can be difficult. There are other important factors, not just price. How about car insurance requirements in that area? The current rates and ratings of individual insurance companies? How about you? What is your credit score (history) and what kind of driver are you? Are you driving for many years without an accident? Then well. You have a very good chance to find quality and affordable auto insurance quote in NJ. For bad credit peoples across the United States, there are different – usually less profitable – offers of liability insurance. Try to find the cheapest car insurance in your area by insurance company or the city.

Liability insurance pays others for damages That you cause if you are Responsible for an traffic accident. It does not cover medical expenses. Uninsured motorists coverage Protects you if you are in an auto accident with someone who does not have proper insurance coverage (insurance limits). Personal injury protection (PIP) in NJ pays medical expenses (health insurance) if you or other persons covered under your policy are Injured in an automobile accident. Often Called No Fault coverage, it pays your medical expenses if you were or were not at fault. Read more about auto insurance requirements in New Jersey on www.state.nj.us website.

Rank Auto Insurance Company Average Annual Rates
1 AAA / Western United Insurance* $1,187
2 New Jersey Skylands 1,213
3 Farmers / Mid-Century Insurance 1,301
4 Norfolk & Dedham / Fitchburg Mutual 1,443
5 Plymouth Rock 1,488
6 Teachers Auto Insurance Co of NJ* 1,516
7 GEICO 1,525
8 USAA* 1,576
9 Encompass P&C Insurance Co of NJ 1,850
10 Founders Insurance Co 1,869
11 Amica Property and Casualty Ins Co 1,877
12 United Farm Family Ins Co* 1,881
13 California Casualty & Fire Insurance* 1,916
14 Privilege Underwriters Reciprocal Exchange (PURE) 1,934
15 Progressive 2,003
16 MAPFRE / American Commerce Ins 2,118
17 Esurance Ins Co of NJ 2,146
18 Liberty Mutual 2,152
19 Hartford Fire Ins Co 2,153
20 Citizens United Reciprocal Exchange (CURE) 2,210
21 AIG Property Casualty Company 2,233
22 Allstate NJ Property and Casualty 2,337
23 Mercury Indemnity Co of America 2,381
24 21st Century Centennial Co 2,448
25 Ameriprise / IDS Property Casualty 2,483
26 Selective Auto Ins Co of NJ 2,528
27 MetLife / Metropolitan P&C Ins Co 2,574
28 ACE Group 2,705
29 State Farm 2,734
30 NJM* 2,773
31 Fireman’s Fund Indemnity Corp 2,874
32 IFA Insurance Co 3,015
33 Electric Insurance Co 3,309
34 Kemper Direct / Response Insurance 3,472
35 Chubb Insurance Company of NJ 3,832
36 Personal Service Ins Co 4,251
37 Hanover Insurance Co 4,385

We compared car insurance quotes from multiple companies to identify the cheapest auto insurance companies in New Jersey for different kinds of drivers. Find yourself and choose the best option for your needs.

New Jersey Location Cheapest Insurer #1* Cheapest Insurer #2 Cheapest Insurer #3**
Newark NJ Skylands $1,428 Farmers $1,543 Norfolk & Dedham $1,651
Jersey City NJ Skylands 1,305 Farmers 1,403 Norfolk & Dedham 1,487
Paterson NJ Skylands 1,424 Farmers 1,543 Norfolk & Dedham 1,645
Atlantic City NJ Skylands 1,389 Norfolk & Dedham 1,511 Farmers 1,543
Elizabeth NJ Skylands 1,392 Farmers 1,543 Norfolk & Dedham 1,661
Bayonne NJ Skylands 1,156 Farmers 1,208 Plymouth Rock 1,336
Bloomfield NJ Skylands 1,265 Farmers 1,319 GEICO 1,365
Bridgewater NJ Skylands 880 Farmers 942 Founders Ins 1,087
Camden NJ Skylands 1,406 Farmers 1,543 Norfolk & Dedham 1,767
Cherry Hill** NJ Skylands 994 Farmers 1,055 Plymouth Rock 1,186
Clifton NJ Skylands 1,244 Farmers 1,356 Plymouth Rock 1,515
East Orange NJ Skylands 1,434 Farmers 1,543 Norfolk & Dedham 1,651
Gloucester NJ Skylands 1,026 Farmers 1,110 Norfolk & Dedham 1,212
Gloucester Township** NJ Skylands 1,063 Farmers 1,110 Plymouth Rock 1,175
Hamilton** NJ Skylands 1,132 Farmers 1,193 Plymouth Rock 1207.5
Hillsborough NJ Skylands 880 Farmers 913 Plymouth Rock 1,006
Lakewood Farmers 1,156 NJ Skylands 1,191 Norfolk & Dedham 1,295
Long Branch NJ Skylands 1,027 Farmers 1,038 GEICO 1,180
Montclair NJ Skylands 1,055 Farmers 1,122 Plymouth Rock 1,179
North Bergen NJ Skylands 1,370 Farmers 1,543 Norfolk & Dedham 1,738
Passaic NJ Skylands 1,406 Farmers 1,543 Norfolk & Dedham 1,772
Pennsauken NJ Skylands 1,244 Farmers 1,301 Norfolk & Dedham 1,382
Perth Amboy** NJ Skylands 1,284 Norfolk & Dedham 1,414 Farmers 1,543
Plainfield NJ Skylands 1,268 Norfolk & Dedham 1,324 Farmers 1,384
Teaneck NJ Skylands 1,166 Farmers 1,210 Plymouth Rock 1,344
Toms River NJ Skylands 996 Farmers 1,042 Plymouth Rock 1,210
Trenton Norfolk & Dedham 1,351 Farmers 1,353 NJ Skylands 1,369
Union City** NJ Skylands 1,354 Farmers 1,543 Norfolk & Dedham 1,706
Willingboro** NJ Skylands 1,156 Farmers 1,190 Norfolk & Dedham 1,318
Woodbridge NJ Skylands 1,093 Farmers 1,209 Plymouth Rock 1,294

List of car insurance companies in United Kingdom

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Are you searching the best auto insurance company in the United Kingdom? But how to recognize the best car insurance quote? The price of liability insurance is not the only important factor. How about a car insurance limits? Accident insurance. Bonuses for claims-free record, etc.? There is a database of car insurance companies across Britain. You have to read this list and compare all offers, prices and limits. Find the best car insurance company in U.K and compare prices. Everybody wants to know what are the best auto insurance companies in the United Kingdom for the year 2015 – 2016. There are dependent and independent tests of various organizations and institutes, but where to look first?

In the UK, there is a lot of car insurance companies and intermediaries (affiliate programs on the Internet) and your goal is to compare Them among themselves. The most popular are Royal & Sun Alliance, Frizzell auto insurance, LV, NFU Mutual Insurance Cooperative Service for cars and trucks, Marks and Spencer, IAM Surety (Adelaide), Aviva insurance company – get car insurance quotes for free, Chaucer or Tesco. Would you like to get car insurance quotes (prices) from £ 180? Look at Aviva website and read carefully! There are bonuses as: uninsured driver promise or 24/7 Claims line (not for the cheapest variant of car insurance from Aviva). For post-insurance, there are also transport options after an accident.

  • You could save up to 20% online
  • You can quote online in 5 minutes – i am not sure if ano
  • Up to 1/3 off with Aviva MultiCar when you add a second car or van
  • Our UK team are available 24/7, 365 days a year if you need to make a claim – for premium customers only?
  • Personal Claim Manager
  • Following an accident we’ll be with you in less than 45 minutes.
  • If you’re hit by an uninsured driver and it wasn’t your fault, your no claim discount will not be lost and we’ll refund any excess you’ve had to pay. You’ll need to provide us with details of the other vehicle and driver.
Royal & Sun Alliance
NFU Mutual
Cooperative Insurance Service
Marks and Spencer
IAM Surety (Adelaide)
John Lewis
Direct Line
More Than
Hastings Direct
Adrian Flux
Post Office
Sheila’s Wheels